Writing Challenge Day 13 “Delighting in my weaknesses.”

I have a hard time with the concept of delighting in my weaknesses. I want my weaknesses to be gone, and I want them gone yesterday. Forget delighting in weakness. I don’t even want it to exist.

One of my biggest life struggles is that I tend to be pessimistic about everything around me, I look out for the worst scenario in everything before thinking about the good things that can happen, something happened to me over time that led to these struggles. Procrastination, shyness, and atychiphobia “the fear of failure” generally.

While God has brought me so much healing in this area, it’s still a daily challenge. I have prayed often for God to remove this thorn from my flesh.

I strongly believe that God is growing my faith in this area. I am continually humbled. I turn to Him for help in times like this. I see that God is strong where I am weak.
I haven’t given up on praying for God to take this issue from me. Whether He does or doesn’t, I’ll lean on Him for guidance.

I know He will see me through life’s challenges and suppress my weaknesses not to let them override me.

Any weakness that seems to be weighing on you, do well to lean on God for his guidance and help.

Thanks for reading


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