My Thoughts!

Dear friend, I’m glad you are reading this right now, after much thoughts, I just felt like dropping this for you today. So let’s get to it…;

Do you ever get that feeling like you were meant for something? Have you ever been part of something that was just meant to be? Just seemed so right, so fit together and planned; the perfect little accident. Or have you tried so hard to make something happen that just didn’t? And all you can say is, “Wasn’t meant to be.”

Well, lots of people say that. But what you mean by it changes significantly depending on who you believe gives meaning to the “meant to be.” Does that person mean to do you good? And do they love you?

As you ponder on these words, drop a comments on your thoughts and what you feel. We all share this I guess. Sharing your thoughts and feelings can help someone, remember that. Have an amazing month.


2 responses to “My Thoughts!”

  1. Yrah I am important for my family.

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