This article is written as a result of an inspiration from a sermon and will be backed up with biblical references. I would like to stay true to my niche, as you know this blog is a Christian motivational blog most of what I write here is usually backed with biblical references. Let me quickly get into what I have for you today. Do you know there is a difference between true freedom and freedom? Understanding these principles can help you attain financial freedom.

WHAT IS FREEDOM? It is being able to do whatever you want to do, at any time however, you want and still, end up being enslaved to that habit.

In contrast, TRUE FREEDOM is the ability to consciously do what you have to do with a guide to rightfully direct you so you don’t end up with regrets.

However, you may not necessarily be under anyone but have your conscience as a guide to direct you so you don’t stumble into a regret-filled life.

On this note, freedom that is not well-managed leads to a deeper bondage and a regret-filled life.

Two questions came to my mind, and I’m sure you asked yourself these questions too;

1. How can freedom be managed?

2. How does freedom affect your financial life?

First, you can manage freedom by accepting to be guided and that can only happen when you are willing to submit yourself to learning.

The good book says; “A wise man always seeks to take instructions but a fool sees it as a threat.”

It also says, “Take instructions from a wise man, and you will yet be wiser.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you were foolish or you didn’t know, but simply the knowledge of another way to do what you already know and can do.


This topic hits every angle, I would however love to touch on the angle of your financial life, and critically back it up with biblical references.

It is said that money has wings and it can petch on your roof today and fly away before you blink to petch on your neighbour’s roof.

The way you treat money will determine whether or not money will serve you.

Some people have the luxury of receiving large sums of money, say 500,000- 1 million, but unfortunately these same people still end up complaining about being broke.

The question is WHY?

The reason is simple, these people end up in that state as a result of their inability to manage money, hence their overall finances so they spend the money on reckless living and finally end up in regrets.

Looking at this very summarized biblical illustration, a very popular story was told of the “Prodigal son” who demanded his share of his father’s wealth that is to say his inheritance which sadly he spent in reckless living and ended up in regret.

In essence, there is a freedom that when not well managed can lead to regret.

In conclusion, true freedom in your financial life can only be attained when you’ve decided to submit to learning that which will clear you of lack for the rest of your life.

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Happy New Month.

Stay Blessed!

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