The key to fruitfulness is to sow your own seed.

Sometimes we need to come out of our little tents or hide outs of self-pity and complexity in order to see the incredible vision of the seed inside of us.

In my last article I highlighted what seed-gift is all about and that gift is our individual potential. And the way to show you have maximized your seed-gift is by being fruitful. God commanded us to be fruitful and multiply because he deposited his seed gift of potentials, ideas.

It is in that note I want to share with you the significance of this seed gift of ideas.

In the beginning, man was able to recognize the seed-gift of ideas that was given to him that is why he was able to name all the animals in the garden of Eden.

Okay maybe I’m going to in-depth, let’s take a look at the innovations in technology today, the METAverse and so much more. There was a brain that birthed that innovation, and all these was as a result of the seed-gift of ideas.

Until we discover your seed-gift will you become fruitful. The Bible says “a man’s gift will make room for him and will bring him before great men.”

Sadly, in our time people are more conscious of the fruits that they despise the seed-gift.

We need to learn to recognize the seed gift in ourselves and in other people, but instead most of us look for the great fruits to begin with and that’s our focus, forgetting what generated the fruits in the first place.

The harvest is always easy to see, but the seed is despised.

Many of the people we refer to today as “Legends, Heroes, Icons etc” don’t have extra organs in their system that makes them standout.

I have good news for you, we all have been given a seed equally.

What makes the ones you refer to as legends and icons different is that they discovered their seed-gift and maximized it to the fullest and their fruits became very visible for the world to see.

Here’s the juice…



First, do not despise the seed-gift in you in just wishing for the fruits (results like money etc)

Now there is a reason why many go into acquisition of quick wealth is because they fail to understand mysteries behind the seed-gift which has been given to them.

As a business owner, or as one pursuing a career in any field… Have you ever asked why do some people standout and some in the same field standout exceedingly.

Well this is my thought, for the most part those who happen to succeed exceedingly where able to recognize their seed-gift (potentials) and maximize them.

Dr. Myles Munroe writes and speak a lot about potentials, how to discover them and how to maximize those potentials. You can check it out.

I hope you enjoyed this piece and got value.

I am inspired daily to share my thoughts in this direction. Please don’t forget to like, share with your friends and family, you don’t know who this will inspire and motivate.. I appreciate your comments as you share your thoughts I’d be more than happy to learn from your input😊


Thanks for reading.


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