Lessons Learnt in 2022 (Happy New Year )

Dear Reader,

Before I begin, I just want to wish you a very beautiful and blissful new year 2023, I wish you the best of luck and everything good and pleasant life had to offer.

Here’s a quick recap of some lessons learnt in 2022.

I completed my bachelor’s degree, with a good result. Despite the spikes of the academic year, I bless God it ended in praise.

It wasn’t an easy ride tho, but with the help of friends, family, advice, encouragement, and support, which made me have a better chance than many of my peers.

I can’t even lie, there were days I hit rock bottom, as in the desire to continue kept crumbling, but prayers and encouragement kept me moving till the final lap.

When you feel discouraged about life sometimes, even your spiritual life sometimes is shaken, and the enemy (the devil) uses all sorts of strategies, to make you doubt your faith in Christ. You seem to be a fervent Christian yet, you really don’t see it yielding much, and the enemy distracts you with that and also gets you to see your peers who seem to be at the top, and make you think you are failure.

But then again,

2022, taught me these few lessons which I will hold on to and would like you to do same:

1. Contentment: The Bible says, “Godliness with contentment is great gain 1 Timothy6:6.” if you are not contented with the little you have there is no way much more satisfying things will be added to you. It is only greed that gets people to want more and more sometimes even get to the level of sacrificing their loved ones for vain things (money/material things)

2. Gratitude: Giving thanks in all circumstances. Appreciating the little things.

(1 Thessalonians 5:18) In this verse Paul exhorts his readers to give thanks in all circumstances. He adds that it is God’s will to do so. Regardless of how difficult our circumstances may be, we can always find reasons to thank God. We can be thankful that all things work together for our good if we belong to HIm (Romans 8:28).

It may not seem easy to give thanks, when you have a loss, or when you lose your job, when you don’t get that contract, when you are in pain, when you have no money in your bank account.

One thing I have learnt that the Bible teaches is on Thanksgiving. Typical example is Jesus, when he was at the verge of feeding 5000+ people with barely 5 loaves of bread and few fishes, the first thing he did was to give thanks. And guess what happened next, he fed them all, and there were 12 baskets of remains.

That’s the powerful effect of giving thanks.

Sometimes what hinders us from seeing the big picture is that we let ourselves be preoccupied with the cares and worries of life, we are so anxious to move so fast that we forget the essential things we should be thankful for.

Hope you had an amazing time reading this, there’s more to come. This time around I hope to be publishing new articles like this biweekly as the spirit leads and not every day. Please if you are new to my blog, do well to like, share and subscribe to my newsletter, so you get weekly updates whenever I update my blog. Do have an amazing new year.



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