Art of Encouragement!

Yesterday I came across a heartwarming review, and seeing such keeps me inspired to do more, knowing that even though I may not have 1 million likes and followers, the few I get to inspire and get their lives transformed are a plus and I give God the glory for that. I don’t feel inspired every day, but trust me when I do I pour out my heart into writing on my blog and sharing on my social platforms.

This is to say be the reason, no one gives up on their dreams and passion, a word of encouragement and appreciation can go a long way.

You might be thinking that the person who does so well is so perfect and superhuman which of course is not the case, rather the person, however, chooses to suppress his/her inner demons to have a standout life for themselves.

“Demons” can be discouragement, not feeling good enough, and a bunch of all-around negative thoughts that come as a result of one’s immediate surroundings.

Fighting these demons and putting yourself out is a big deal and can only be backed up by little words of encouragement.

So I urge you to be the reason why someone doesn’t give up hope, a little word of encouragement and appreciation can go a long way.

The Bible says “The words of the mouth are deep waters.”

It also says; Words have power.

Their meaning crystallizes perceptions that shape our beliefs, drive our behaviour, and ultimately, create our world. Their power arises from our emotional responses to things and the people around us.

More about this shall be added to my blog so stay tuned if you haven’t subscribed to my blog please do so you can get an immediate update from my newsletter anytime I publish an article on my blog.

Season Greetings friends and family❤️

I hope to see you in 2023, strong, bouncing in good health and prosperity.

Have an amazing week,



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