Allow me to begin this story with my little experience in the past 7 years of my journey in self-investment…

Of course, I’ll begin with the lows before the highs…

👉2016: I was a complete Nobody, in the sense that, who knows me, what do I have, what do I know, what can I offer, what can I even do to make money…?

Nothing… Nothing

Entered University in Madonna, due to the heat of the strike in Cameroon 🇨🇲 back then… as a high school student…about to write my final exams and graduate, then boom… strike, schools in the southwest region of Cameroon were ordered to be closed, the most traumatic part of it was when these young boys came with bikes, machetes threatening the principal.

That day, I slept under my bed, while others that were able to jump the fence did.

This incident triggered my mom to send me to study in her birth country, Nigeria 🇳🇬

So my journey started…

Studied hard and took the WAEC, JAMB which was new to me, but thanks be to God for it was a success.

That same year, I entered Madonna University, due to a connection…via my mom’s friend.

👉2017: I struggled as a PDS for 1yr and wrote the premed exams, and finally got admitted into Med/Surg … my dream course.

I’m not from a catholic background, so I found it difficult with the system, and my mom wasn’t comfortable with my stay in that school, so she removed me.

👉2018: Another connection, came through and I was linked up to BENSON IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY, unfortunately at the time, they didn’t have MED/SURG, and I felt sad that I couldn’t continue my dream course so I picked the course related to it which is MICROBIOLOGY… hoping that I can further it later in life, coz I’ve always been passionate about the medical field, especially helping pregnant women, I hoped to be a Gynecologist 🤞that dream is still burning in me.

The same year, I became intentional about my financial life, so I started Network Marketing with Longrich.

Registered for the student leadership program, to improve my communication skills with individuals.

👉2019: I started earning as I grew my network…

Became a student leader and the journey continued…

👉2020: Covid-19 hit, and I began restructuring my network marketing business, started creating an online store, for my products, and searching for new strategies on how to get better in this online business, though I felt it works best physically, I got to Diamond 2 level, in the business…

Created a business page and website to grow my audience, which worked out.

👉2021: Started coaching a few of my prospects with the little knowledge I had derived, and also continuous learning…

During my internship, while working at a medical lab, I was able to meet with patients and introduce some helpful healthy products they can use.

But work became so tedious, that I just got off social media, I got discouraged about going further as I lost lots of my clients and their contacts…

👉2022: I came across this opportunity to learn high-income skills online while pursuing my academics, I decided to leverage this opportunity to learn skills that have broadened my knowledge.

Today, I own a growing flourishing website ( which I created from scratch, no expertise, no coach, just a little girl hungry for knowledge and self-development in different spheres of life.

This is now getting me vast opportunities on Linked In that I sometimes reject coz I feel the need to invest more in knowledge.

Affiliate marketing being one of these high-income skills has been a game changer for me, and the course I took, was indeed an eye-opener for me.

Investing in myself, in books, in courses, attending seminars, and webinars, and learning and implementing skills have been the best part of my year.

This is a part of my story, and I will encourage you reading to invest in yourself, the year is almost over, but you have barely 28 days left, to equip you for a dynamic 2023…

I’m glad I took the bold step to invest in high-income skills, it is working for me, and I’m sure it can work for you too.

Take a chance TODAY, coz tomorrow might be too late…

Invest in knowledge, because that is where great wealth lie.

Hope this encouraged you.



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