Something I’ve learned about … recently.”

Dear Reader,

I’m super excited to have you back here, I wouldn’t be eager to write if I have no one to read what I share in this space. I hope you enjoy scanning through my 100+ articles, there is so much to learn and offers to access.

Today, like every other day I woke up without the strength to do anything cosy slept late by 4:15 AM only for me to find myself up again by 7:50 AM, barely 4 hours of sleep, I stayed up late working on a business project, and multitasking (designing a flyer for an estate organization, doing a few research on real estate (for landed properties) and I realized there’s a difference between real estate for lands and houses.

This is what I learnt which I would love to share;

Land Realtors :

They are well versed with landed properties, they can explain the topography of the area, they know the geography of the location and lots more.

Home Realtora:

They are well versed with homes, estates, villas, etc. They can better explain the different sections of the house (bedroom, toilet, etc) and the interior decor, if it’s an already furnished house and so on.

What I took back, was the part where the tutor mentioned that a home realtor can’t do what a land realtor does and vice versa.

I’ve learnt this aspect, and I now understand the difference.

Some people call themselves realtors without knowing the difference, without ever getting to know the basics.

I did that research, because someone is on the verge of selling land for the first time, and had to find out the do’s and don’ts involved because this is a heavy project and don’t want to mess it up, else I risk making a great loss.

Anyway, that said, I was able to get the flyer ready, which I’ll be showing you shortly…

P.S: I will be glad if you can recommend this to someone in search of a landed property.

The flyer below was designed by me.

Yay 👏 😁🥳

Should I tell you what I used in designing this flyer…

Can you guess??

I did it with my smartphone from scratch.

No template, no copy-and-paste design.

I just used my head to craft something out.

Please rate my work in the comment section.

Finally, just to remind you that I wasn’t born with this skill, I learnt it and it’s part of the high-income generating skills, I spoke about in one of my previous posts that can fetch you an extra $500 weekly now calculate that for a year, and you are a multimillionaire in my foreign currency (Naira /Cfa).

😲Hooge right???

Now if you desire to learn this skill and more, feel free to hit me up using the button below.👇

Thanks for staying with us till this point, please don’t forget to hit the star ⭐, comment and share with someone if this information is valuable and can help someone 🤗

Have a beautiful week ahead❤️


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