Amid the storm!!

Dear reader,

I’m glad you made it to my blog yet again, today was quite a sunny day (Sunday) 😂 the sun was scorching but I survived like the rest😂. Anyways, I was dreading what I will post on this space today, and kept pondering while trying to keep my other social media spaces active, so they don’t miss me or rather miss out on what I have for them😌

Today I just want to share a little bit of my story and a little experience in life with you.

I can remember vividly, years back I was ridiculed and humiliated and regarded as a nobody, a few people laughed at me and threw shades at me, regarding the fact that my parents had me switch schools, and this made me draw back, unlike my mates who moved ahead of me, whom some went on throwing shades at me.

I couldn’t seven react to it coz what will I say? What will I do, what will change about my situation?

Then over the years, as time rolled out began to know and understand the value of knowledge and the values that can set me up above my equals and get me to stand before kings and not mere men.

Even though I couldn’t bare the humiliation and insults and shades thrown at me, I didn’t like it, and that drew me closer to being alone, and when I mean alone with God. I mean embracing my weaknesses, and my strengths, being intentional about self-development and my walk with God being the ultimate.

It wasn’t easy but despite all that went on, now looking back I can see that God still made me learn lessons from everything I went through, not done yet and still learning.

In conclusion, looking back to my experience of ridicule and my present-day progressive increase and expansion I can only look and thank God for sustaining me, coz as it stands I can’t even tell where those who ridiculed and bullied me are.

Now here’s the drill,

📌When God ask you to wait, he increases the value of your testimony.

📌People define people by the experience they’ve had with you.

📌God increases the value of a man.

📌When you hold on to your faith, God presses and suppresses time.

So if you are currently experiencing what I went through, don’t give up hope, know that God is preparing you towards a greater glory ahead, it might not be pleasant but just let God guide and direct your steps and you will be amazed at how far he will take you when you sit down to look back.

Hope you enjoyed this🤗 I’m always excited to write, this leap of steady inflow of views is encouraging, and even when I have no inspiration I always find a way to communicate my thoughts even at the last minute.

Please do me a favour, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe because someone else can learn from this.

God bless you,

Have a pleasant week ahead❤️


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