Must Read: A fact about idolatry you didn’t know!

Last night, I bumped into someone’s WhatsApp status, a watched a video of this guy seriously in rage and babbling words in French. It was midnight and I had a long and stressful day and needed rest to resume another demanding day.

So curious pushed me to listen to what this guy had to say, so let me quickly summarize it for you.

The guy was simply expressing how stupid idol worship is.

His point was that, how can you build for example a wooden pillar or structure as a god and still come back to tell that wooden structure you built to protect you?

Isn’t that foolishness and stupidity in its highest order🫠

Instead, you who are the builder of this wooden structure are the god of that structure and the only one that can protect it.

So in essence, there is only one God, the one who is your maker, your creator, who moulded you and shaped you right from your mother’s womb is the only one who has the power to dictate whatsoever becomes of your life and destiny, not any mortal man, not any lifeless structure.

I know many will disapprove but what are mere words without biblical facts to balance these few points??

Well here you have it…

God is the owner of the universe because He created it (Genesis 1:1, John 1:3). The earth along with everything it contains belongs to Him. “The world and all that is in it belong to the Lord; the earth and all who live on it are his.

Know this and know peace✌️

If you have contradictory factual points, feel free to prove them at the comment section.

Hope you enjoyed and gained value from this.

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Happy weekend??


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