Today has been an eye opener for me, after taking the CEMA Course, although not done yet, just digesting slowly and progressively. After that I moved on to do some research from my blog, coz that was one of the points Sir Kenny outlined in this course.

So let me give you the full gist…

Are you ready, coz this gist long o😂

I bumped into this site immediately Sir Kenny mentioned something in this CEMA course about headline generator tools, I’ve heard about it tons of times but I swept it under the carpet, 🫠anyway, moving on still on my research to keyword research tool, SEO Audit tool for a website and I found this URL ( ), I was able to find all the tools I needed that made my blog lagging which are;

SEO Audit Tool, On-Page SEO, KRT, HGT, BCT.

And omo I was mesmerized 🙀by what I realized I didn’t do on my blog and ignored doing on my blog, ignoring the tiny bits of information I need to move further, in essence I felt to comfortable counting numbers from my all time, and daily traffic gen, and insights, rather than looking at the real and ideal stuff I need for growth with involves no stress rapid ways to generate tremendously massive traffic, sales and income from my blog a which involves trimming down on the little petty mistakes I did and correcting them for further progress.

Because omo, this blogging for me is a do or die affair😂😂

No dying tho😂😂

I can share my thoughts even when sitting in my toilet seat, please don’t even imagine it😩😂

Lessons Learnt which I would love you to take note of;

💥 You cannot do it alone, at all not today not forever.

That’s why even God said to Adam, it is not good for you to be alone, I will provide for you a helpmate. (This might be out of context but I know where I’m headed) even Jesus I’m the Bible had to send the Holy Spirit as a helper, because we all need helpers it might not be financially, but just with advices, taking courses that contains massive bits information that are shallowly given on social media shorts and reels videos.

💥 Take time to do your research on key points that are highlighted.

You don’t know it, and you know you don’t know it but you choose to swallow only the information that was given to you whether it’s true or false … you don’t know.

My dear, let curiosity drive you to do research, and not check your boyfriend’s sidechic or your girlfriend’s admirers 😂

💥 Take key points and Implement as you learn.

I started jotting down key points and started implementing as I used my laptop to do my research, I use my phone to implement what I have learnt.

Note: Results will not come in a blink, but patience is needed. Just as a tree is not grown in a day, a seed is sewn, watered and then the resultant fruits will soon be released it could take weeks, months, years depending on the tree, but trust me, it will definitely yield when properly watered.

Don’t give up hope yet.

You will get it when the time is right, when it’s your season to shine, nothing will be able to dim your light.

So chin up, and keep working on yourself.

To progress and never giving up.

Cheers 🥂


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