Important Advice on BLUEPRINT

What’s your preference: Blueprint or Crumbs?

Today I found this video on TikTok and decided to share it in this space and from my interpretation of this video, you would notice two sets of people.

  1. One with 66M views showcasing his Lamborghini due for a giveaway (in essence showcasing his success so far)
  2. The other with 35k views showcases teaching on how to afford that same, Lamborghini.

Now my question is why is person #1 having more views than person #2?

And I can to this conclusion;

Nowadays people feel satisfied by just watching people’s success and sitting back and wishing.
Meanwhile, other successful people who are willing to give out their blueprint are out there still, dishing out these values, freely, and not being recognized for it.

Now use your initiative to tell me what’s wise.

Learning from one who has a car and is willing to show you how to get it, in other words, his blueprint?


Struggling to get the crumbs from one who has used the car and is tired of the car?

I hope you use this illustration to reflect deeply on what you are focusing on.

And remind yourself that there are people out there who are willing to give you their blueprints of success.

This blueprint can be in the form of teachings, ideas, informative videos, books etc.

Remember, the blueprint you get and use for yourself will serve you a lot more than the crumbs someone serves you.

Well that said, if you are tired of getting crumbs, I would love to share with you a blueprint that has transformed my life for the better.

I’m sure you mare be asking yourself what she means by crumbs.

My dear, crumbs are fragments of people’s remains, in other to simplify this, I mean free giveaway of every little thing, you are dropping your account details and praying that yours should be picked🤦‍♀️ “kaii”

Is that the life you want to keep living??

Definitely NOT, I really don’t want that for you either, so that is why I am offering you this blueprint that can transform your life for the better.

📌Connect with Shalom Japhet. I’ll be very pleased to have you be part of my growth🥳

📌Click the link below, to know what this blueprint is all about and tho gain access


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