Six Word Story

I came across this one my fellow blogger’s website, and it seemed interesting, but I really didn’t know what its all about, and so did she.

Well from my understanding I think it’s just basically about six words describing an experienced event.

Nevertheless, that’s what I learnt today, while laying on the floor in pains, with lots of aches and muscle cramps.

Still lost in my thoughts on how to upgrade my business and what books to read after I finish the one I had started.

If you want to know the book, stay glued to my page because one of these glorious days I would give you a breakdown summary of what this book is all about.

Funny how I heard about the book, from Twitter space, and I was intrigued by what this guy said about the book, I won’t disclose his name here, but he is one of Nigeria’s best and top digital marketing and entrepreneur and has shoved millions of dollars into his account through the principles embedded in this book.

He just said it once, and mentioned the name of the book, fortunately for me I always attend such marketing Twitter spaces and webinars with a book and pen, so I quickly jotted the name of the book and after the webinar ended, I quickly rushed to download this book, and the very next day I started drinking from this book.

I purposely decided that I would drink from this book for 2hrs no matter what happens, but unless I have a very tight schedule I would do 1hr and gain so much, and be happy.

Well, that’s it for today, please if you have any ideas concerning the SWS, do well to share in the comment section, I would love to read them, your story can be an encouragement to me and anyone out here.

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Have an amazing week❤️


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