3 Important Daily Routings to keep your brain alert.

Every day I wake up to 3 basic routings that I do that have helped me and kept my mind alert and active, and I notice that when I don’t do them and quickly rush out to other things, I quickly get drained, and I have no bits of motivation for the day.

So here are the 3 important routings I do to keep my brain alert, and I will tell you why…

  1. Pray
  2. Meditate
  3. Read

Pray: Prayer is a fellowship, it is a communion with God. When you spend time to pray not just to ask God loads of your wants alone but thanking him for what he has done and is yet to do, triggers him to do even more. Some of you know prayer as talking to God, and when you do you expect him to respond isn’t it? And that’s where meditation comes in place.

Meditate: sometimes we use words we do know not about, so according to the dictionary it means to “focus one’s mind for a while, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.” However, The Bible refers to meditation as a deep contemplation, a turning over and around in the mind to gain greater understanding and be changed by God’s truth. The Bible is the inspired written word of God, so meaning that God spoke and inspired a man to write what he had spoken. In essence, meditation is another dimension of fellowship with God, when you deeply contemplate and gain a greater understanding, of what he has said in response to your prayer without using head knowledge or ordinary understanding to comprehend the things of the spirit.

Meditation opens your mind and helps you focus on one thing in silence shunning the noise from outside and keeping still to put yourself together in preparation for the heavily scheduled day.

Read: When your mind is open, it’s thirsty for new information, new inspiration, and a fresh flow of ideas with can only be gotten when you read a book and a good book that is edifying. As a writer, creator or even business owner, you need fresh ideas in a world full of competition to stand out.

Well that said, that’s my daily early morning routine and it helps me a lot. I hope this helps you read this right now, as you decide to purposefully implement it and watch to see the difference between the feeling of being empty to being fully charged up.

I’m solemnly rooting for you,

Have an amazing week.


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