My Origin

After putting up the same post I shared on this space yesterday on Facebook, early this morning.

I noted something on my writeup about me being an Igbo girl, but little did I know that it will spike up some of my trolls to tell me, I am not Igbo but Congolese.

This brings me to reintroduce myself and my origin.

It might interest you to know that my dad is Congolese and my mom a Nigerian, and I happen to be born and raise in Cameroon quite a bilingual country because it was colonized by both Britain and France, with one-third by Britain, and three quarter by France, if I can remember my history well enough,

Anyways, that said, now I am just a young lady, with triple nationality, which is causing so much chaos for some people.

What thrills me is that at some point in life when you become, very successful and extremely wealthy, those trolls throwing shades will automatically want to walk the way you walk, and you will become their idol.

Though I’m not saying this because of me, I have seen it and read up stories of what people in my shoes have experienced.

Well, if you are out there in my shoes, my advice work triple hard, build yourself and empire.

I always dwell on this scripture that says “He (God) will set a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”

It didn’t say in their absence, meaning let them be there to watch how you enjoy the goodness and blessings of God.

I got that troll say what she said, because I have added another skill to the ones I already know but she is trolling while I build.

Just the same way Noah was trolled when he was building an ark before the flood came and destroyed everyone else except him and his family and those who were in the ark with him.

So you see.

While others troll you and spread hate, throwing tantrums, focus on building.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, don’t forget to drop a like, comment or share, if you got value.

Have a lovely day.

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