Perfecting Another Skill.

Everyone has a chapter they don’t read out loud but I’ll love to share mine with you…

Many years ago, I remember that I loved drawing designs of clothes I would love to get sewn for myself but since, my mother back then was a seamstress she encouraged me to learn sewing, she kept telling, repeatedly, but me with coconut head that I have as a last born, I told her I will just draw and design it well for the tailor to follow.

My mom told me that the clothe you sew yourself, give you a different and unique type of confidence.

After thinking about these words deeply, I decided to learn.

One day, I had this crazy thought that came to my head, what if she’s no more, how will you learn, this a free opportunity to learn from a PRO in this field and you are wasting it, thinking that time will wait for you.

This thought hit hard, and that was when I decided purposefully to learn well and draw from the source herself.

Now fast forward to present day, few days ago, we went to the market in search of “Isi Agu” material because my church is celebrating our annual cultural service, so as a fine Igbo babe, normally I said would get our Igbo material and my plan normally was to give tailor, and give her a complicated and standout style to sew for me, only for my mom to tell me when we got home that I will be the one to sew my dress,

“Omo” I started looking for the easiest style in my head that I could sew, though I would have loved a standout attire for that event🫠

So I showed my mom the style I chose for myself but I wasn’t confident enough in myself that I could do it.
She encouraged me, and decided to cut the material for me to sew.

I’m not a complete newbie at it because at least I know how to paddle the machine and even use the electric machine to sew.

But I didn’t know how to cut, so the material was cut and given to me to sew, I was seriously doubting and underestimating my ability to see the style I picked for myself.

To cut the long story short, I’m finally perfecting this skill, sewing neatly and fast,
Now am currently eager to do more.

This is another skill added to the ones I know💃💃💃

Lesson learnt:
📌 Opportunities are at your doorstep but over-familiarity ruins your chances.
📌 Procrastination is the thief of time.
📌if you miss out on opportunities, chances are they won’t always be there waiting for you, so hop on it while you can.
📌 Don’t underestimate yourself, try yourself and discover your amazing inner potential.
📌Learning multiple skills is an added advantage.

I hope you learnt something from my story, feel free to add what you learnt in the comment section.

Enjoy your day, grab all the great opportunities that come your way today, I’m rooting for you.🥳

P.S: I’m just getting started…
Connect with me🌚


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