Sad News🥲

Soon to be Banned🚫❌

Dear friends,

I feel sad writing this because for the past 3days I’ve been getting a notification that my website will no longer be reachable to my readers and subscribers🥲

WordPress gave me the option of upgrading my blog, for $7.7, $19, or $40 before the 5th of November.

I took my visa debit card, and tried resolving the issue, by making a payment for the upgrade to secure my website but my card referred me back to my bank that the card was invalid, and this is a new card that I got from the bank 2 months ago, and made sure it could do online transactions, because that’s what I often tho, I hate going to stand at the cues waiting for people to use the 🏧 machine before it reaches my turn.

I kept trying to no avail, so I gave up, I wanted to see if there’s another payment option, other than using my card, like using a bank transfer, but seems like there’s none, and right now, I don’t know what to do, regarding I’m on this #60dayswrittingchallenge

It saddens me to have such issue🥲

I really want to do this, be consistent and reach out but these is my limitation at this point.

Please if you know you’ve had this type of issue before, let me know in the comment section, and if you know you have a solution to what’s going on in my website, please let me know in the comment section.


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