Word For Today

Happy New Month!

I appreciate you, for always coming back to my blog. This is another new month, and I’m sure you’ve drawn out plans for the month concerning what you want to achieve before the end of the month and hopefully the year.

I always draw up plans for various tasks and projects looking forward to accomplishing, even though along the line a few other activities step in and try to distort my scheduled plan, but all in all.

The truth is we can plan all we want but God is the sole proprietor of our lives, he holds our lives and destinies in his hands, he determines what happens with or not.

At first, I didn’t believe just like you right now, but over time, though it took me a while I started having a mind shift about the link between my realities and divinity.

And I came to this conclusion, though I make plans I involve God, knowing that he knows what is best for me and has greater plans for me. He says in his word, “I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.

Isn’t that just amazing, to know that he actually cares this much for you, for me. The plans you may even have for yourself is not as compared to what he has for you,

So urge you this moment to believe and trust in him, he is faithful in his promises, because He is not a man to lie, nor a son of man to change His mind.

Unlike humanbeings including you and I, we are prone to changing our minds, and not being able to keep to our promises, God has and always does keep to his promises.

I am a living testimony of his faithfulness and have experienced the fulfillment of his promises upon my life, you too can experience this and alll you need to do is just to believe in Him.

Thanks for reading till this point, hope you were inspired. I hope to have you here on my next blog post. Like, share, comment. Leave a review.


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