How you picture yourself is not how people see you.

Let me brief you what I mean by that statement above with my personal story.

One day, after getting prepared for a certain program i was invited to attend, when i walked into a hall, the manner in which the protocol led me to the area where dignitaries were sitting , i was startled but I sat down regardless. I asked myself many questions in my head.

My point is, sometimes you see yourself as undeserving of certain things, you so much belittle yourself that it affects you. In the long run.

As for me, in the long run, I had to step up my game, accept that I am far better than how I saw myself in the past, I have learnt to put the past behind me and appreciate myself, learning and working towards the future.

So this is just an encouragement to you, if you belittled yourself, in the past in your thoughts subconsciously, also subconsciously set high standards for yourself, don’t just dream it, but work towards it.

You are better than the way you see yourself, discover who you are and work towards being the best version every day.

Thanks for reading.

Drop a comment of appreciation if you got inspired❤️✅


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