At this point in your life, you need to know these few things I’m about to pinpoint in this write-up today.

Now let’s get started…

Previously, I wrote about getting rid of frogs on my blog, I know you may be wondering why I used that illustration, I identified problems as frogs. I mentioned that they are ugly, slimy, and dirty.

I equally ended my previous write-up titled “Kill that frog” with the question, “why don’t you do it today?”

Why don’t you get rid of the problems by finding a solution?

The sad truth is some of you don’t know that the problem you are sitting on is coated as “comfortable with your current status” so you don’t see the need to upgrade, you see no need to build, you do not see the need to become better.

You are wondering what the problem is, if it is your village people and all the like, without knowing that you are your problem.

One day I asked myself this question, why indeed do the rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer?

And these were the conclusion from my thoughts?

The Rich:
📌Ready to Learn
📌Take risks
📌Always want MORE so they do more.

The “Extremely” Broke. (don’t want to use poor)

📌Not ready to learn (want it the easy way and fall prey to scammers.)
📌Complains about everything.
No time, No money.

(But when they see an advert saying get 500k for 5k only) then the money will fly out from nowhere to invest and get free 500k for their little penny and at the end of the day even their little penny of 5k will be taken from them never to be seen again.)


What a life❗

That’s the problem many of you face, the problem of being extremely broke, your greed and your rush to become rich “fast fast” I love the way the French put it “Tu veux etre rich toute suite”

So tell me do you want to continue in this great and mediocre way of thinking and understanding,

Do you want to continue being pitied and given scraps and peanuts?

If you are looking for magic beans, I don’t have one to offer, but I have a far better and greater offer.

Let me brief you on my offer:

📌It involves learning a skill, which you can MONETIZE and obtain FINANCIAL FREEDOM.


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