Kill that frog

This title might be thrilling, I know. And you might be asking why I came up with such a title, and you thinks it’s boring because I used “frog”.

Nobody likes the sight of frogs,

Yes, those slimy, smelly, green creatures.

Nevertheless the frog in this writeup symbolizes “problems”

Hold on!!!

It’s just getting interesting as you keep reading.

Have you ever wrestled with one of those problems that stubbornly refuses to go away? It seems to be immune to all situations.

you swat at the thing in every conceited way, but instead of being eliminated, expands and multiplies until it is widely out of control. 

Short story;

The Bible tells us of the setting Egyptian pharaoh who was faced with the problems we commonly known as plagues. This time around he had a solution at his doorstep begin to set him free and get his problems, so yes, the Bible mentioned clearly that Moses went to Pharaoh and asked him these question, “when shall I intreat thee, and thy servants and thy people to destroy the frogs from thee.

But guess what Pharaoh replied,

He told Moses, “TOMORROW”

Can you imagine that.

When a solution comes at your doorstep and you still decide to spend one more night with your problems, thereby postponing the solution till tomorrow.

He could have said “TODAY”, “RIGHT NOW” , “IMMEDIATE”. But instead he chose to wait till tomorrow.

Probably, you are in the same place, and it’s the same reason why you want to wait until tomorrow to get your problems solved.

Time is a very priceless commodity, it’s value exponential.

How long are you willing to wait to let this persisting problem continuously harass you?

When do you want to get rid of the problem?

Do you want to keep postponing the solution, until that problem destroys your life?

These problems will only stay as long as you let them, they will be there increasingly multiplying until you finally make a quality decision to accept a solution to your problem with immediate effect.

Why don’t you do it today?

Thanks for reading. If you love what you read, please engage on this post, and share with someone who might need this.

Remember, your engagement keeps me motivated to keep writing.

Stay blessed Fam ❤️


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