Win in Silence

(Money doesn’t make noise)

What a short but powerful phrase, these thoughts kept flooding my head, I was wondering why,

Then I started reminiscing about the last 3-4 years,

Wow, thinking about it how time flies indeed. 

Anyway, 3-4years ago, I was actively in network marketing Longrich products, everything was smooth.

I remember back then trying to convince people to join my network, some felt like it was too expensive, some felt like they needed to see proof of my payments before they believe whatever I have to tell them, and even at that as “dem be THOMAS” dey still no believe after seeing proof, anyway na me mess up by showing them screenshots of my payments, with exact date and time, the company’s details on every credit alert I received.

After 4years Longrich is still in existence and soaring higher, new products are released every week.

I stopped showing proof of my payment to my contacts so they would believe me.

Because what’s the point, I would constantly dish out my wins every “Green Thursday” and still some will like doubting Thomas continue to doubt.

Anyway I came to leave a word for those who have eyes to read and ears if someone reads out this message for you to listen and those who can and willing to comprehend this message.

My dearest Marketer, you are encouraged to keep winning in silence , doubting Thomas will watch us as we cruise into the next level.

I shall not forget my dearest Thomas regardless, let me leave you with these few words, 

Of course, seeing is believing but even Jesus said that even the things which are not seen but you believe are far greater.

Ah yes, tough pill Aye…

Allow the Holy Spirit to rightly direct your steps.

That said, it’s me again, I go by many names, but you can call me Shalom Japhet, still in business, never ran out, never stopped, just took a moment off for reinforcements to drink up from wells of wisdom.

I am proudly a network marketer and an affiliate consultant. Affiliate Consultant sounds new, Aye!!! 

Especially to those of you who already know me grounded in network marketing business 😂😩 even in my sleep I can tell you all about it😂

Yes, I will explain in details subsequently.

Lol, someone told me the science course I studied is just for formality😂 coz ei be like business runs in my veins. 

You are not far from the truth hun, but best be it if we have multiple streams of income and never get broke😂

My dearest friends once told me while we was complaining of being broke and how school project and everything drained us all up, I still told her I needed to order a package and she was like my guy ei be like this your purse never runs dry.

Let me quickly remind you of Psalms 23:5 

Omo, na God dey do am for us oh!!!

Can’t take the credit coz I’ll be damned if I do.


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