Your Mind is a Magnet.

Early this year, I felt like everything was going on pretty well, I felt like I was making it in my network business, and I was also making sales as a sales agent for Chuvis Nigeria, but I still felt like that wasn’t enough, because “omo” the country is hard, with the dollar increase and all prices of things skyrocketed and it’s depressing to think of buying something for yourself these days. Indeed that saying “adulthood na scam” kept ringing in my head.

Depressingly this silent syndrome affected my network marketing business I noticed that it wasn’t going as it should at some point, I wasn’t making sales, nor was I getting any referrals from my down lines, but thankfully the sales I made for Chuvis Ng ( A Gadget Hub) was going smooth, I was selling their products both online and physically, then at the end of the day get a commission for my sales over the week.

Little, did I know that I was indirectly doing what Affiliate marketers do, which is advertising products to make sales for a vendor and getting compensated for each sale. However, the commission has percentages ranging from 30-50% per product without having to see the vendor or the customer.

That is how I came across Expertnaire ( a digital marketplace where high-valued products are sold) 

Products such as Ebooks, online courses, and software.

I’m sure most of you have heard of Expertnaire from somewhere. The same idea I had that they are a scam just as you are feeling in your heart that this is a scam.

I did my research and asked high-value questions to the right people who gave me the answers I needed.

I was told of the 72IG course and I saw value written all over the course when I went through it.

I can beat my chest today and say indeed I have made progress, other than sitting down and sleeping around saying that there’s no money, there’s no sale, this course changed my perspective on business.

This message is not for everybody but somebody, you are into any business of any sort like myself, this is for you. 

What do you feed your mind with? Just so you know, your mind is a magnet and you attract only what you let it attract and your life will give back what you attract with your thoughts. Your thoughts reflect what you let in, what you read, what you watch, and the type of information you let in. 

Value attracts value.

Okay, enough said. 

As I said earlier, this message is not for everyone. If you are interested, please do the needful and reach out to me using the link below⬇️



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