Fake Life vs Real Life

I know it’s been a minute that I haven’t written anything on my blog, why you maybe asking right,

Well here’s the answer to that question in a simple sentence. “Writers block” or should I say “bloggers block”

Been having a tough time for sometime now, trying to gather the pieces and get back on my feet regardless, coz that is life whether you like it or not.

Life will break and shatter you in bits, but is up to you to pick yourself up.

Get back on your feet and stay strong.

I’m writing this on the bus, as inspiration hit me while I was looking out the window and admiring the beauty of nature and thinking about my life and after sharing a post on my WhatsApp status.

It turns out that I’m traveling in an executive bus, and when I took a little video with the caption “Good morning Fam, I woke up this morning by 3 a.m to catch a 5a.m bus, and grateful they gave me a cup of coffee”

Someone quickly sent me private message asking me where I am and quickly thought I am in the UK or Canada.

And I joyfully replied to the person saying I’m somewhere in Africa.

Because yes I’m in Africa, that’s all the info you need.

It’s not fake life.

When people tend to post the good moments of their life, someone will quickly conclude that it’s fake life.

They say fake it till you make it right??

I’m not faking it that’s for sure, I have decided to live a very real life, if I enjoy some days and decide to share, it’s totally fine, and if it goes well with you, it’s your choice whether or not you want to share those good moments with a few friends or the world.

You choose to live a fake life or keep it real, it’s your choice. I’ve chosen mine.

Just remember that you attract only what you portray to people.

Be real always and true to self.


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