I had no better topic to give😂😂

Today was quite interesting, I had lectures and work to do at the laboratory, and normally I hardly take breakfast before doing anything in the morning so I usually wait till noon before I grab something to eat, we’ll my mom warned me that it is bad, but me trying to keep fit and not workout often, I try to skip some meals thinking breakfast should be one of them but I am wrong and I know it.

I was getting exhausted as I had only taken a glass of water since 7:45a.m while running for my lecture. After a two hour lecture, I went to the laboratory to continue from where I left off with my bench work, I was almost done after about 3-4hours of intense work, but couldn’t feel it because the AC was giving me the chills and rather favorable conditions to work, so I didn’t feel the need to eat till I was done with everything I had to do.

I was culturing some plates but while I waited for my agar plates to solidify so I could clean up and leave I decided to check my food, scrolled a little at foods I was craving for to eat but couldn’t have them at my disposal.

I was finally done with my bench work for the day at the laboratory so I cleaned up and headed to the cafeteria to get some food,from one of my favorite vendors.

While I craved endlessly for this, I finally satisfied my cravings and both from a certain vendor which I won’t disclose.

One getting there the vendor smiled at me and asked me how I was doing and my response to her was “Urrgg…I’m okay, will be much better if I eat anything real quick coz I feel like I’m drained.” So I asked “Please what do you have?” After scanning their fancy table top electric Bain marie with sliding door which had quite a variety of mouth watering meals but I had to pass on all because I craved for something more which I thought they didn’t have, until this happen… the vendor said “…but we also have catfish pepper soup which can be eaten with agidi.” Oh well for those who may not know what agidi is let me highlight you for a second, “Nigerian Agidi is Nigeria’s Jello sort of. It is made with corn flour. The process is very similar to how to make Ogi but with a slight difference. Agidi tastes so good with Pepper Soup.” Sounds amazing right, but I don’t like it especially thee one sold outside, because of the irritating smell that oozes out of it, I would rather prefer to eat homemade agidi than from the streets.

So I asked the vendor to give me rice instead of agidi which she did, package it well for me as I paid her and went off to my hostel.

When I opened the pack of food after having a clean cool bath, I could for any second and dug into the food. I kept eating this perfect combo not until the disaster hit me, as soon as I finished eating my last bite, my stomach started rumbling and omg I had to go to the toilet and no you won’t believe it, it came out like larva blasting out from a volcano😂 and the thoughts that ran through my head was omg I’m doing this as part of my lab work testing for pathogens in spices and pepper soup spices happen to be one of them and you won’t believe the weird organisms I’ve been dealing with in the lab😂😂, one reason I love my topic is because it has to do with food.😂

Call me a foodie I don’t mind😂😂.


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