Writing Challenge Day 30 “A quote I try to live by.”

“Godliness with contentment is great gain”

I don’t know if it is a quote but I know of a fact that it is scriptural.
I learned about this phrase/quote ad the case maybe when I was much younger and it never departed from me.
I devoted my life to living by this quote and it has helped me so much.
The major keywords in this quote are “Godliness” and “Contentment” but I will rather focus on the word contentment in this writeup.

The reason why some people do what they do to the best of my knowledge is as a result of a lack of contentment.
Contentment is simply being happy with what you have no matter how it looks like or feels to you.
That’s my definition of contentment.

And I have come to realize that in this 21st century, both males and females are losing it when it comes to being content,

Why do I say so? Because you can’t tell me two best friends that grew up together after some time one is being promised a sum of about three hundred thousand naira, to sell her best friend off did just that and the said best friend got her organs chopped of like a goat that has been dissected into many parts.

It’s awful what people can fall for just for money, it’s rather scary what they can give away without thinking twice just for money.

No wonder the Bible talks about money being the root of all evil, and it still advises us to be content with whatever we have, it may not be easy at the beginning but it will be worth it.

I’ve had several opportunities to do things and influential people with loads of money but decided not to get carried away. Let me give you a typical example,

During a particular summer break, I spent it at one of my mum’s friends’ house who had passed, he was well across the country and the world at large, so surprising to me I didn’t know they were also related to some popular Nollywood stars so I got the chance of meeting one of the Nollywood actors, really rich and influential and all, but what kept ringing in my head what that quote “Godliness with contentment is great gain” and many more instances I have with different people.

Some people see me and assume that I have so much money, so many things, and everything is going on fine with me, but what I think they fail to realize is the fact that I’m trying to live my life according to this quote and it has saved me a lot of unnecessary insults from people.

Some people just because they could not control their selfish desire for money, decided to hop in the cars of cultists who after lavishing them with money and the latest bags, hair, cars, and so on later used them for sacrifice, to maintain their wealth and hopped on the other prey.

Many people have been victims of premature death just because they do not want to be contented with what they have because they are looking at the lives of celebrities that fought so hard to attain the fame they now possess.

Well, if you start leaving a life of contentment it will save you a lot of stress with dealing with people, and you will have more piece than worry.

Living a life of contentment doesn’t require so much, but it will give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Thanks for reading.


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