Writing Challenge Day 29

Exposing Myself🥴

Just answering some random questions about myself.

1. Favorite Food 🍲 : Egusi (Melon) soup and pounded yam🥰

2. Do you sleep with teddy 🧸: Yes I do 🌚

3. Name of subject I love the most📚: Biology

4. where do you live📍: I am mobile so can't say for sure right now😂

5. Are you left-handed or right-handed✋: Right-handed

6. Last trip 👝: Portharcourt

7. Favorite animal 🐶: Dog 🐩

8. Life Motto 🌟: Godliness with contentment is great gain.

9. Favorite Fruit 🍑: Mango 🥭

10. Are you a fan of Chinese food or not? 🍜 Yes, I love it never tasted it though but I love watching Chef Chao on Youtube when he cooks it's amazing 🥺

11. Favorite Sport: table tennis 🎾

12. Birthdate 🥳🎂: 14th January

13. Horoscope Sign: Capricorn ♑

14. The most expensive gift I've ever gotten and from🎁? A gold necklace from my mom 🥺❤️

15. Favorite Colour 💙: Blue

16. Favorite brands: Channel, Michael Kors

17. Favorite flower 🌸: Rose 🌹 18. Relationship status: Single

19. Favorite Hobby: Cooking /Sleeping

20. Most used apps this month: Netflix /Youtube


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