Writing Challenge Day 28

The strangest dream I have ever had.

Back in my secondary school days, the very first secondary school I attend, because I pretty much went to three different schools back then, the movement was too much but adventurous as I saw it.

Before I get to my strangest dream, I would like to give you a heads up as to what might have led to that dream even though it was totally weird trust me😂

When I got enrolled in the school, the infrastructure was still incompleted at the time and trees and bushes were at the back of our classrooms.

So one night like every other after the usual everyday routine in secondary school, lest I forget to inform you that it was a boarding school.

So slept in the dormitory that night and I had this weird dream, that a group of monkeys or creatures that looked like monkeys had a different physical form entirely, that came to invade the school holding fire torches and making loud noises, these creatures started burning down some classrooms and were heading to the administration building, but before they did they stood in a circle and discuss in weird tongues how to go about their plans, and it was like a feast and they were excited as they were burning down the school’s infrastructure.

While I was hiding in one corner in my hostel, in front of the gate when I heard the noise I ran out to see what was happening some girls that were up with me were panicking and it drew the attention of one of these weird creatures and as the one that caught us spying at what they did went to meet their head, two others came and forcibly dragged out one of the girls out to offer as sacrifice and I woke up terrified.

I had this dream in the afternoon when I was having a siesta in school back then, when I got up I realized my sheets were wet and I was sweating my anxiety grew stronger by the day but eventually prayed about it and kept this dream to myself, for a very long time. I didn’t know what if meant and still don’t know what it means but regardless I’m glad I’m out of that school😂


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