Writing Challenge Day 25

Why did I start blogging.

I thought so deeply before I started blogging, normally I write on my diary how I felt about life and everything happening with me, but I thought deep and told myself that my little stories can actually go a long way in helping people.

I initially started blogging in March,2021 but it was slow because I really didn’t know my navigation through the app I use in blogging, so over time I watched YouTube videos to learn more about blogging, visited other writers blog and read and navigated through what the offered in their blogs which was rather interesting, but I didn’t just want to right about my life but I wanted to make my blog a blend of many ideas and stories in my head when I’m alone.

I actually feel safe expressing it in writing rather than talking to people about what’s going on in my head. Though sometimes it was easy finding my niche but I had to start from somewhere right, so I started and over time it was really aching when you start having writers block, which is a pretty big deal for writers when you want to write something or continue a story which you started but you just realize this void.


But I didn’t relent however, either I watch movies or motivational videos to keep my mind awake and alert to get more inspiration or read some stories on Wattpad which gives me a grasp of what next to add to my stories or write up.

When I started the stats where really discouraging because I noticed I wasn’t consistent but still I decided to devote myself into doing something about it, reading and making sure that I am consistent and trust me it’s not easy to be regarding my quite busy schedule in school right now, sometimes I just drop my write ups on my note pad and sleep off because I am tired and stressed out from a very long day.

So in other to make me consistent I looked through the success of other bloggers and I was thrilled by their successes and consistency and decided to key into that and gave myself a writing challenge for the next 30 days which I missed out on some days due to writers block.

I took in the advice of a friend who told me to just write something no matter how small, even though I’m blocked I will find my way getting ideas in the process, which wasn’t as easy as he made it feel, but here I am back on my feet, ready to crush it.

I tagged my blog a Christian motivational blog because of my love for God and to share everything that thrills me about the word of God and the lessons I learn from my daily live and walk with God.

I believe to a reasonable extent beyond doubt you have enjoyed my posts so far, I really appreciate you for spending time to read what I write on this blog.

Thanks for reading 🥰


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