Writing Challenge Day 24 “My Life University life.”

My movement in between schools drew me back a little, together with other different situations.
I’m super excited to write about my life in school, okay shall we.
I’ve been to two universities between 6years now, the very first was a catholic university known as “Madonna university” at Elele River State,Nigeria. There I entered with the hope of studying medicine which I finally did for a quite a short period after a little struggle I was finally enrolled into the university, the school had its own very wonderful status, and life in it wasn’t quite pleasant but I just chose to enjoy every bit of it.
On the day of resumption for freshers, I had to pay my fee my mum came with me, I was barely new in this state, so everything seemed new and weird to me especially in the campus, to pay my fee was a huge struggle because we had to stand on a very long cue and it was somewhat frustrating cause despite that the will still find a way to delay you.
Days turned into weeks and months, activities in the school turned out to be pretty unpleasant for me, but I just had to pat my back told myself that everything would be alright, and despite the fact that it was unpleasant, I still made few amazing friends with I am still in contact with till date.
Every Tuesday morning, we had a compulsory jogging schedule for all females and we even had a shirt from the school for that sole purpose. Many people detested Tuesday morning’s, some girls however used it to catch cruise, some used to put on wigs and do makeup to go out and jog very early in the morning, and I’m like “who does that😂😂 who puts in make up to jog?” Meanwhile others will apply lots of powder and be looking like “mascurades”😂💔, these were the really fun things I saw that released the tension from staying there.
And oh yes, If you know me by now I’m fond of using the word “Morocate” to describe fraternizing sexually😂 oh right, I got that word from the founder of the university “Rev.Fr.Edeh” his names are too long 😂😂 one day when he came to address of of some students he was about to get expelled from the university.
Did I forget to mention how they usually knock on the doors of our lodge by 4a.m to go for morning mass, I really didn’t know it was a thing until I went there, and when they used to celebrate what the called “Bazaar” it was really a big feast which I didn’t really understand but I just had to blend in, regardless not forgetting my roots.

I made a few good friends, whom we usually cook together during the day or evening and spend time together talking about lots of things and even vining with music in our various rooms most of the times.

It was a pretty exciting experience with them, Rosanna,Apple busted, Stella(the shugar daddy’s girl)😂😂 and a few others. These ones I listed were more like my next door neighbors in the lodge except “Apple busted”.

The university at some point was really getting toxic to me as a certain clearance officer made advances on me which I denied and started threatening my life and stay in the university so I had to leave the school asap.

I wrote another jamb to get another admission into another university, luckily for me someone met my mum and told her of the school which I currently attend and will soon be signing out.

I have so many things to share with you but I don’t want to bore you with a very long text.

Thanks for reading😍


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