Writing Challenge Day 23

Connecting Faith and Forgiveness

Some days ago, I felt so uptight with everything happening with me, and I seriously felt like lashing out with anyone that comes my way, it was hard holding back on lashing out. You know that feeling when you are pissed about something so badly for a very long time, You want to lash out, and then that calm voice within you is like just let it slide. I got wronged by some people, I was angry in my heart, and everything I did during that period just wasn’t going right for me as I thought it would. Over time I gave what I was going through deep thought and I said to myself, this is not a tight spirit, it just didn’t feel right to me, so I prayed one night, first asked God to forgive me and to remove anything in me that is not of him. Then I asked God for the grace to be sincerely forgiving to those who wrong me and not to carry it in my heart.

I felt peace after that prayer, it didn’t end there I still struggled with it for some days till I told the Holy Spirit to just take charge of my emotions, I didn’t know when all the bitterness that was stored up in my heart left me, but it felt good cause I felt relief. And everything else started working out well for me, didn’t have to struggle too much anymore before getting things done.

If you are praying for something and you can’t seem to get an answer, check your heart for unforgiveness, ask the Holy Spirit to bring any grudge hidden to light, and take it away.

When you stand to pray, forgive if you have offended anyone, as the Bible clearly says, forgiveness may not be an easy task looking at the pain that has been caused but it’s a necessity to unclog the channel of faith for the breakthroughs in our daily lives.

Thanks for reading.


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