Writing Challenge Day 18 Obstacles 2

I have so many challenges I face in silence, smile in the faces of people but sometimes I feel like tearing myself apart, whenever I go to my room, I shut the door and cry to out to God to my satisfaction, I know only Him knows how to sort things out for me most of the time.

Things happen in my life when I least expect most of the time both in a good and bad way, but I still trust everything that happens to me is for a reason and for a specific purpose.

As I said earlier in my previous blog post, the things that happen to us sometimes, believe it or not it is either to chance the way we think, act or respond to situations.

Yes, I am a perfect example of this type of situation. There was a time in my life growing up when I thought life was all jolly and easy, like just wake up from the bed, you are called out to eat, then go to play and watch movies and relax and poop and continue that cycle over again till I became an adult. I saw a new phase of life, especially when I had to leave my birth country to a foreign country for education without any of my parents, at that time I knew I had to take charge of my life and manage it the way I want it to be.

I’m glad my parents thought me the Bible, and my mom specifically thought me the benefits of having a personal relationship with God, which has aided in fine tuning my life into what it is now.

I know I am still growing still having series of temptations and trials coming my way both in my thoughts and physically as human beings, God has surely helped me to overcome them.

God has created each one of us for his purpose and expects us to live by it, and when you discover God’s purpose for your life, it makes life more interesting.

Life’s obstacles may seem so massive, so insurmountable, but He is calling us to exercise faith and trust Him.

Thanks for reading.


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