Writing Challenge Day 16 God’s plans

Where I am is not where I used to be. I made amazing plans for myself but though I was able to accomplish a few but some didn’t go as I planned it would go.
While growing up, I made this list of what I plan to accomplish within a certain time frame. I planned my life entirely forgetting who really owns my life and destiny.

An eye opener, the Bible says that people make plans in their mind but only the Lord can make them come true (Proverbs 16:1)

Truly, only the Lord indeed can make it come true, when I came in contact with this scripture I realized why things turned out to be the way they were in my life entirely.

The determination was high, the anxiety was even higher, when I entered secondary school at a very tender age, and I started planning my life from then till I grew to better understand what the Bible said in proverbs.

We all make plans for the future but only the Lord can make them come true. One can plan for a party or trip to his or her dream country for vacation which might not be part of God’s plans, and something happens which you least expect.

Depend on the Lord in whatever plans you do and your plans will succeed, for the Lord makes everything go as He pleases.

Everything that happens to me I believe that it is Gods and plan for my life, meeting different people with different types of attitude, it’s a just a part of God’s plan to fine tune my own attitude for greatness.

Making me see life in two ways, the rich and the less privileged, is part of God’s plan, to be able to appreciate every little thing that comes my way.

Seek to acknowledge God in your plans, infact give Him a chance to take charge of your plans for the future and see how He will surprise you.

Thanks for reading.


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