Writing Challenge Day 14

Rough Times

There are days when things are rosy and all seems well, and tend to forget the bad things that ever happened to me.

Hard or rough times are inevitable. We all know that but it’s equally true that we have been redeemed from that and there’s nothing the devil can do to reverse it but he is going to challenge you on it.

So I’m not surprised when things get a little tough. But I’ve come to realize that times will come when you have to really strictly on faith in the word of God, when you have to confess it, and act on it even when you can’t feel it or see it.

Just like this song that says “even when I don’t see it, or feel it He’s working.

Yes, He surely is working on making sure things go smoothly for us, the more you feel it the more your anxiety grows.

To be continued…

Thanks for reading.


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