Writing Challenge Day 12 “When the pressure is on”

Sometimes being an adult is not easy, so many responsibilities are up for you to handle. Your younger one’s looking up to you when you can’t even figure out what’s next in your life. What is going to happen with your life?

Yes. Sometimes I wonder why all these. Growing up becoming a better person for someone else to follow and the cycle continues but then again it can be tiring.

Sometimes as a guy when you are more mature at some point in your life you are expected to be responsible for your younger siblings if at all you have one, and when you don’t you are expected to work twice more than expected to be a gentleman and be exceptionally responsible for your family, and the trouble of finding a good and decent wife yet again, in a world full of ladies that fancy harlotry to living a decent life that would be a difficult task so you would rather live a lie and forget that God exists and cares about your wellbeing.

There are times certain situations happen to us that put us under so much pressure to start doubting God and reevaluate what He is capable of doing for us.
I will tell you this when tough times come and keep dragging on you, and the situations around you seem to refuse to get in line with the promises of God upon your life.

Don’t reevaluate God. Why? Because He is not missing it, He is not failing at any point. He knows what He is doing and knows exactly how and when to do it.

If you are to reevaluate anything it should be you. Look at your life and see where you’ve got it all twisted and wrong.

If you don’t see anything wrong with your life ask God and don’t blame God. If He reveals something to you about your life try as much as possible to make changes about it.

I encourage you to stand firm and keep honoring God with your words and the fruits of your lips. He is always ready to listening.

When the pressure is on, what is He going to listen to? Is it your complaint, your blaming sir would He listen to your praises towards Him despite the pressure in your life.

Thanks for reading.


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