Writing Challenge Day 11 “Courage and Faith”

Have you ever wondered where does discouragement comes from? Why does it even come at all?
First, discouragement comes from fear and unbelief. It also comes as a result of listening to the lies coming from the Devil’s mouth telling you what God has not done for you and what God is not going to do for you.

It’s okay to feel discouraged sometimes but it’s not okay to let the Devil have a say on matters that concerns your relationship with God.

How do you starve your discouraged heart?
By trusting God in all things that concern you.
Yes, courage comes from trusting God all the way.
It comes from believing God all the way regardless of what the circumstances look like.
Courage comes from feeding your faith.

We must quit looking at our abilities and failures and limitations and start looking to God in every situation.

If you’ve been discouraged lately, I need you to stop listening to the lies the devil uses people to put into your head, stop receiving it, stop allowing yourself to be controlled by it.

Start feeding your faith, embrace God and let him take you to whichever height He has ordained for you.

The Bible says it clearly, “Be strong and of good courage, do not be afraid nor dismayed: for the Lord with you wherever you go.”

Accept these words and let them feel your heart with peace.

Thanks for reading.


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