Writing Challenge Day 9. “In Good times and in bad”

Today I was led to share something here, and I’m glad you clicked on the link to read what I have for you.
We all know and have heard about God, and we know that he is called by many names, “JEHOVAH JIREH” (the lord our provider), the Lord our healer. And in this troubled world with the chaos happening all over the world, we need him even more.
There are many of us however who never believe and even have experienced God’s mighty power because instead of walking closely with him every day, we wait until danger strikes to call upon him.
I’ve come to realize that that doesn’t always work, the truth is if you want God to rescue you and be there for you in bad times, you need to have fellowship with him even in good times.

Because God responds to every act of faith, and our faith, not our need is what triggers Him to act on our behalf.
And we’ll never be able to develop that kind of faith, trust, and confidence if we don’t fellowship with him without letting the distractions of this world interfere with us.
God is a jealous God, he loves us and wants to spend quality time with us and by so doing he will tend to reveal himself to you.

Look at it this way, you ever admire /love someone and just want to always talk to them, try to know more about them, and little by little they start opening up to you, they start making sacrifices all because of love. That’s just an example of how God loves us and wants to relate with us daily.

I will conclude by saying this,
Love God, decide to spend quality time with Him in good times. He loves you and deserves that fellowship. Then when you need Him even in bad times you wouldn’t even need to call out because He will be there for you.

It may be hard to believe at the beginning but trust Him and do not doubt for He cares about you and loves you without doubts.

Thanks for reading.


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