Writing challenge Day 8 “Power of Music”

I remember a time when I was at my lowest, not depressed but I just felt like nothing was moving on in my life as it ought to. I had steady challenges kicking in that period for over a week. I got worried because everything I did was just not bringing up good results.

So one fateful evening, while struggling to read a particular course, at some point it felt like I was just wasting my time and I had to write an exam on the course in a week, despite the fact that I usually study this course, it seemed to be unnecessarily hard, but then again, I stood my ground, I told God “I cannot fail this course” as I continued something just led me to play a certain gospel music, and as I listened to that song repeatedly I got strengthened, it moved me to pray and blast in tongues, after doing so I felt like a burden was lifted up my shoulders.

This is really the power of music. There are different types of music in the world today. Nowadays people sing just to entertain, yes it’s good but what message or what effect can it give to someone listening other than just good beats and vibes.
I love music quite frankly, I have a good ear for music, but I don’t really sing that much, the highest I sing is in my bathroom.

I so much admire songwriters that take quality time to write meaning songs and for songs that are inspired by the Holy Ghost, it’s really deep and I don’t joke with it.

Enjoying the vibe a song gives is good, but be well assured that this song contain words and the words that proceed from the tongue has power.
The Bible says “ Death and Life is in the power of the tongue”

The power of music is from the lyrics of the song. What do you listen to, does it have meaningful meaning or are just in for the entertainment. Sometimes just take time to listen to each words from the lyrics of a song and let it flow.

Thanks for reading.
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