Writing Challenge Day 6 “Single and Happy”

Based on a true story. The names I will use in this story for each character are not their real names, this is in other to hide their identity, but still, I will tell this story regardless.

Hi, I’m Anna, I was single and happy until I came across Lex, a tall, brown skin guy with cute small eyes and nice dentition.

Every day, I wish I never met him, he was just too beautiful, one could say he was perfectly created. His body was just perfect.

One evening, after I finished doing my chores at home, had my bath and was about to sleep because it was getting late and I had a long and busy schedule the next day. I grabbed my phone and decided to reply to my unread messages and then I logged in to a messaging app, I usually don’t use because I usually get a lot of spam messages from there, then as I thought, I received a spam message that changed my world. Here’s how the message reads
“ Hey, you don’t know me but I know you and don’t bother asking how I got your details to join you on this app, I would love us to meet and hopefully soon”
I was confused then I reached out to his profile and I got enticed by his body, his cute smile, he looked just perfect, like roses with hidden thorns. So I couldn’t get my mind off him and his messages, kept talking thereafter for days, every night he would text me, just immediately I was done, felt like he was tracking me because he just knew the perfect time to hit me up and when he did I will just smile, my cheeks got so full in excitement when he told me his school and fortunately that was the same school I was admitted too.
Finally, A chance to meet this anonymous guy, though I saw pictures of him on the internet that wasn’t enough for me, as we kept talking and chatting something grew inside of me, the desire to see him got so big.
And then he called for the first time, that same evening he called I was already settling in my lodge outside but close to the school campus, he told me he was at my hostel gate waiting to see me. I was so excited to finally meet this anonymous guy, and yes as I earlier described him, I realized he was even more.
So I grabbed a cloth from my suitcase and dressed up immediately to go meet him outside. Seeing him from a distance I was glad I wasn’t disappointed in the way he looked on the Internet and finally, he was no longer anonymous to me.

Fast forward to the day I would never forget, as days turned to weeks my feelings grew deep for Lex I got so fond of him, but I didn’t know how he felt on the inside. One day, after we stepped out to see a movie, he invited me to his house and after offering me something to eat and drink because he was quite a gentleman, he told me about his previous awful relationships that took him a long time to heal from. I was so blind to see that he was still healing from that relationship, how selfish of me, I was already drawn in my lust and I fell for him so badly that it’s hurt. I knew exactly what I was getting into but I decided to overlook it. He told me about his past and he finally told me he felt something for me, and that carried me away, I felt like my ability to think right was stolen away from me that very minute he told me how he felt about me. He reached out to kiss me, I resisted once but then again the scent of his body coming from his perfume was just so arousing which made me want more, he held my hands after kissing me then I felt this tingling sensation, and this time I reached out to kiss him passionately for about 30 seconds, he caressed my body slowly and steadily, he gradually placed his hands on my chest, I felt aroused instantly.

Fast forward, because this story is long, unfortunately after repeating this over on over anytime and every time we met, I got disappointed that he didn’t want to get into a serious relationship with me, it was so heartbreaking because I gave him all the love he didn’t deserve to make me feel unworthy at the end of the day. I heard of depression until I fell into a deep depression state, locked in my room for days to weeks. Until I had to realize I couldn’t keep going this to myself, I was gradually breaking down, while he was enjoying his life and instantly refused to pick up my calls.

That was the day, I vowed to myself not to give in easily to any man, and to stay single and happy, make money, be happy and contented alone without a man feeling that I need them for my happiness, I began writing again, after dropping it for many years. I became sane again, I started owning my happiness, taking myself out when I get the chance to, I decided to meet new friends both male and female, the guys that got attracted to me, I decided to keep it strictly formal, because of how I felt in the past and didn’t want to go over it again.

Life has a way of teaching you practical lessons, it’s either you learn from your own experience or with other people’s past experiences. So far, I have decided to learn from other people’s experiences not to repeat the same stupid mistakes.

Emotional damages are very critical, and hurt a lot more than physical damage, especially when you are the one getting hurt.

Bottom line is, I am still “Single and Happy”

And even though I experienced that, I am still grateful for Lex, because, without him, I wouldn’t be able to discover my inner self and my true capacities.

I would love to learn from your own experiences. This is just a piece from a true story. Identities are hidden from these characters.

Thanks for reading.
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