Writing Challenge Day 2 – “Things that make me happy.”

Nothing makes me happier than the feeling when I realize that I’m no longer who I used to be in the past.
A lot has evolved and changed for me clearly, but sometimes it still feels like yesterday. I say so because back in the day there are certain things that I wasn’t able to do that I’m capable of doing now, certain battles I can celebrate victories over without fighting because I have learned to live in the consciousness of who fights my battles both seen and unseen. The Christ consciousness can be fascinating when you think about it deeply.

I am happy when I see my friends and people around me excel in their area of interest, especially if I was a part of their growth, either financially, in prayers, or even in advice.

I am happy when I have peace of mind. Have you ever craved peace of mind in a hostile environment and you finally get it? Yes, that kind of peace of mind.
If you are a believer, you will understand that this world doesn’t belong to you, and we are just passers-by. I say so because, you will have a lot of people throwing shady things about your belief and your relationship with God, and even when you choose to seclude yourself and stay on your own, just to avoid trouble people will always have things to say.

Now, that’s where peace comes into play in your mind, it’s a self-conscious manner of approaching these challenging times. Desire it and have it by choosing not to give in to the shades people throw at you and I know it can be frustrating at first until you get used to it then and only then would you realize what you’ve been missing the whole time.

I will end by saying this, being a believer or a Christian is one thing but being consciously conscious of his presence is a completely different thing and an entirely different feeling. I hope that you gain the self-consciousness that Christ is with you, and he has decided to dwell in our mortal bodies, if you are conscious of his presence, there are certain things you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing, not because your earthly bodies don’t want to, but because you decided to be conscious of the presence of a supreme being, and a king not like any other but a King above of all other kings and rulers of this earth dwells within you.

If you are conscious of that and conscious that he has made you royalty, you wouldn’t behave as a pupa as I have realized over time.

I hope this message inspires you and helps bring you to Christ-consciousness because pure happiness and joy are sustained from this reality.

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