30 Day Writing Challenge -Day 1: My Personality

Recently, I decided to carry out this 30-day writing challenge, to improve my writing skills, and also do further research.
So coming to the first subject on my list “My Personality” I would say I honestly do not have much to write about concerning my personality, but I would briefly tell you what makes me who I am.
First, I would start by telling you briefly about myself.
I am from a family of 5 with brothers and I am the only girl.
Though I wanted a younger sister at the time, then again I saw it as so much fun with the pampered treatment I was given being the only girl and the last born.
I would say, my parents, contributed a great deal to my personality, and even my environment while growing up as a kid also had a great impact on my personality.
While growing up, my parents being great leaders, helped mold my life positively and helped me in areas where I can channel my interests. I learned greatly from the way they handled situations and responsibilities. I was raised in a very disciplined yet loving environment. Occasionally after church, when I would come back from children’s Sunday school, I would line up all my teddy bears and toys and practice what my Sunday school teacher at the time did. I started developing leadership capacity at an early age. Subsequently, I got responsible for my church youth group even without being given any leadership position, because I felt the need for development and change. This had its effect on me till I left high school for University.
Then I grew up, got into the university. A completely new environment with lots of new faces, and people from different backgrounds and races. But that didn’t change who I was but to some extent worked on my character.
Got into school with a little bit of a naive mindset but I made a few friends who at some point made me realize a few things about life and I realized I had to work on improving my social knowledge about the reality of life.
In my first year, I was encouraged to join the student leadership program by my roommate, so I showed interest and I got in because I wanted to improve my social life and relate better with people, but little did I know that it required more than that, had to be patient, be an attentive listener, reliable, humble, and lots more.
As the school year went on, I developed a routine lifestyle, regarding my academic goals, but then again I realized that I was not making many friends so I decided to expand a little bit and become more welcoming and empathetic, it wasn’t easy at the beginning because it made me alienate people, but that wasn’t my desire.
I love my company so much that being around people sometimes doesn’t feel right to me.
Even when I end up in a gathering of people, I would prefer to plug in my headphone listening to music or not, just to avoid people coming my way.
I love researching new things, I love trying out new things that can be productive, I don’t like thinking that I am wasting my time on anything I am doing or anywhere I am which also includes my relationships.
My environment still has an impact on my personality and the friends I encountered who influenced me positively really made a great remark and sharpened my personality.
I work on myself every day I get the chance to, and I have realized that building a great personality can be good but maintaining it is a really big deal.
Knowing that people now look up to me, not necessarily as their role model, I may not know but yes some people tell me, and it gives me the desire to want to continue living right and becoming even a better version of myself.

I am privileged to be around good people and live with people who did not allow me to do as I wanted and it helped mold my personality. I’ve realized that your environment and the people you allow into your life can help mold or mere your life.

The Scripture says “Train up a child, in a way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” – Prov 22:6.
Positive family influence, environments and good friendships has helped mold my personality.
Till this point I am grateful for these things and more.

This is my personality, this is me.

Thanks for reading.
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