I just want to remind you briefly of certain things you may already know.

Well as always I like to refer you back to scriptures from the Bible, because yes this is what my blog is about and more.

Here’s a short story about what happened to me few weeks ago.

Few weeks ago, I was really faced with a very difficult situation in my mind but yes of course people can’t read my mind so they felt like everything was all rosy, but little did they know the monsters I was fighting with in my mind despite the smiley 😊 face just to avoid being asked questions like, oh why are you sad? Oh, you look moody, are you okay?

Well, the questions are fine, but then again it’s either I will tell the person asking a partial truth of the demons I’m fighting within or just sit back quiet and not even bother reply and accept being called a snob😒

I guess my short story is getting long, so I’ll just paused here, for a bit and continue with the juicy stuff I have for you today.☺️

Scripture says: “He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from troubles.” (Prov 21:23)

Our tongue is a power tool, it can either bring you up or put you down. You can either use it to be a blessing or do otherwise, the choice is yours.

To live a life of blessing, we have to make our words agree with what God says all the time, yes I know it’s not easy always confessing God’s word, yet you are fighting demons in your mind🤯

How epic…🤯😩

But then again, I wouldn’t think of anything else to say right now than this.

Okay, I think I’ve made mention about demons in the mind a lot, we’ll let me simplify it for you, what I mean is those thoughts in your mind that makes you feel “you are not worthy, that makes you feel less of yourself, makes you feel you don’t have enough, you are not good enough, you are just a mare mediocre person”

Oh yes, I had to fight all these things in silence, and yes even while still writing on my blog to motivate you.😌

So now you get it, these thoughts were all in my head, and wanted to come out of my mouth at all cost, due to the various challenges I encountered that period, but I had to fight back, not with mare words but with prayers, confessing positivity, the right words from the Word of God and I began to experience a change in the way I felt, the way I looked at myself.

I realized that Word I spake on myself worked for me, I had to keep confessing it.

Our prosperity, success and spiritual growth crop can grow the moment we start putting the right seeds, our words and confessions are these seeds.

Sometimes it may tarry, and you may loose hope because you are not getting immediate results, but do not allow the delay make you tear down the sprout that just came up as a result of your seeds of confession.

Hang on, until you see these seeds of positive confessions manifesting in your life, put patience to work and keep your words in line with God’s word and trust me you will receive a bountiful harvest.

I hope you exercise making daily positive confessions upon your lives, and share with me in the comments your progress because I can’t wait to read them.🥰😩🙏

Thanks for reading.

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