Looking at the word “proven”…

In today’s world there’s always that need to constantly prove yourself to someone about something and all, on a job, among friends, even at home, trying to win the approval you need. Yes sometimes I feel same way.

Especially when you are working to convince those around you that you deserve the best, in terms of salary, friendship, and even love.

But the question I sometimes ask is, is there any escape to these things?

Well, it’s only left for you and I to believe. But then again there is, and that escape route is GRACE.

“Unearned and undeserved favor and acceptance.”

And yes you can only find this in God.

Do you want to know how…?

Okay I will tell you,

The scriptures said “ He is knocking and standing at the door of our heart waiting for you to open so he can dwell in you.”

Yes, God has never been far from us. He is always close to us, He just needs a believing heart.

And yes, there’s no better picture of God’s grace than in the story of the “prodigal son”

You should read it “Luke 15: 11-24”

In brief summary, this scripture shows us how an early father despite what the son did after running away from home, going to waste away his life, with their pleasures of life (drinks, clubs, partying, and the rest) still returned home to the father and the father accepted him.

Just like that??? Lmao 😂

Yes just like that😂

Well you may say this can’t happen in this generation but then again, that’s not my point.

Based on this story it will interest you to know that this is exactly what Jesus Christ is to us as in the case of the “earthly father” in this scripture.

Yes He loves us recklessly🙈🥺❤️

He offered us grace—unmerited favor that was based on the Father’s love not on the son’s performance or mistakes or sin.

I just want you to take this with you today, anytime you feel the need to struggle for an approval from God, may this story guide you.

You don’t need to feel unworthy in the sight of God, because God has not based His relationship with you based on your worthiness, but based on His love for you.

So you don’t need to struggle to prove yourself to him, coz as far as he is concerned, you are a proven success.

Thanks for reading to this point.😉

Hope you enjoyed reading this piece of my mind inspired by the Holy Spirit.🕊️

Please do like, comment and share.

I believe it can go a long way in blessing someone.


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