Sometimes it feels impossible to live at peace with “everyone”.

Seems tough and challenging because, we live in a society where people don’t care how they affect others because they feel like “Oh I too have been hurt, by these people and why should I give back peace and love when all I get in return is a dirty and unpleasant remark towards my good and kind gestures.”

Well, it might interest you to know that the Bible recommends us to live at peace with everyone, okay look at how it puts it in Romans 12:18 “If possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”

The Bible sometimes makes it easy, but you and I know and understand reality right😂

Honesty some people don’t just like peace. Let me briefly tell you a short story,

So one day I was in my room in my school hostel and trouble just came from nowhere to meet me😒 as frustrating and annoying as that could be, this whole scenario wasn’t even because of me at this point. Since I was made a student leader and the head of this hostel, in particular, the hostel named “Peace hostel” 😂

Peace hostel, but some of the students in the hostel abruptly tell me to my face by their actions that they don’t want peace.

Lmfao 😂🤲🏻

One of the hard 💊 one has to take is being in this position.

But I always get comforted by the word of God.

So back to my story, some students stormed my room to report a case when I was sleeping, and it will interest you to know that some of these cases “make no sense” to the ear.

Imagine the effrontery!! 🤯

Omo in my head I was furious but if I had to ignite the fire they had started it would have become more of a disaster than a resolved case.

Every time I want to resolve a case, First I ask God for inner peace because it is what you have that will let out to others, then I whisper to the Holy Spirit to guide me in using the right words and approaches towards a situation.

In conclusion, instead of letting your head control your actions towards people, use the wisdom of God to guide you through and by first being at peace with yourself, only then can peace with others easily come to you.

It may not be easy but I believe in you.😘


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