An Insight on Thanksgiving.

So while I was reading my daily devotional earlier this evening, I got an insight which I would love to briefly share with you today.

Do you want to join me, let’s dive right in…

I was thrilled by a particular scripture and what the writer wrote. This is what the scripture says, “In everything give thanks, for it is God’s will concerning you.”- 1 Thessalonians 5:18. This is a very popular scripture even though some don’t know it, but often use it in their statements when talking to someone depending on a particular situation, especially tragic ones.

Well let’s quickly dive into what I have for you, Shall we?

See that this scripture instructs us to give thanks “in” all things and not “for” all things.

Now after briefly reflecting on the above statement, I got this insight.

If you look back at the Bible in the New Testament, you will notice that Jesus didn’t give thanks when He was faced with temptations or tragedy, but instead He always referred back to giving God the glory and as it pleased the Father (God), for despite all of these negative situations, God was never the author of any of them.

I know you might think like oh…What if death comes upon a dearly beloved?

I would have loved to keep you on suspense here, but this is where this gist gets juicy.

Have you ever read the story concerning the death of Lazarus, in the Bible?

Notice that Lazarus was a dearly beloved friend of Jesus.

Oh yes he was.

Well, before Lazarus died he was very ill, and when Jesus heard of his illness and this was his response, “this sickness is not unto death but for the glory of God, and that the Son of God (Jesus) might be glorified.

I know mind you might be thinking… “Imagine the audacity.”

Well I thought so to at some point, but yeah that’s just Christ being Christ…

Then Jesus came in four days after Lazarus had died, from a different town and Martha, Lazarus’ sister went to meet Him with such great faith in her words concerning his healing and resurrection power.

Well, that’s that though.

Let me not deviate.

Still regarding this scripture, Jesus gave thanks, not because Lazarus was dead but so that God’s glory will be made manifest.

If you get to read the four gospels of the New Testament, you will notice that Jesus never gave thanks for sickness nor death.

But when He encountered them, His response was to overcome them by God’s power so that God will be glorified in return. So in essence, be sure to give thanks to God as you should always “in” all things and for the victorious triumph He has given you over those situations you may be facing.

Thanks for reading till this point, hope you were inspired. I hope to have you here on my next blog post. Like, share, comment. Leave a review.

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