Sense of Touch!!!

My day went on pretty much and I had to read study and do some assignments at least I was able to go to my to do list I think I cleared of everything on my to do list today was not bad at all, it was amazing so I was able to discuss with my friend.

And then later this evening I watched a movie probably many of you might know the movie.The title of the movie is “5 feet apart”,this movie is crazy like how can you be in love with someone and you know you’ll not be able to touch or feel the person’s touch not even like a handshake unless you wear latex hand gloves but still you will not be able to feel the person‘s touch not to talk of hugging each other.

It’s really scary to know that sometimes the person you love and just in minutes can certainly just you know…just die… I find it hard to even mention these words “die, death” Though tough as it may sound that is the reality and it’s best we live our best lives we enjoy it while it last and with the people we truly love and also family, yeah family might not necessarily be blood related but people who have been there for you when you were at your last.

Well at this point you just have to sit down and reflect on the good things that life has offered, friends, family , food ,adventures, experiences ,the good feeling and even the heartbreaks, the tough moments and the sweet moments. All these things contribute to the reasons why we should be grateful for life before we die because definitely we shall all pass away but while we are still alive we should be grateful for the little things , the little accomplishments, the little good moments ,the friends and the good stuff and that is all that matters at the end of the day and lastly don’t forget your creator yeah I mean God because he gives and he takes yeah if you look at the Bible he created us in his image I always emphasize it coz that’s the reality he loves us so much and he wants us to enjoy the things on earth but not forgetting that he exists though but to realize that he gave us these things to have dominion and to replenish.

This is just to remind us that there is life after here life after that you may not understand now but you will certainly. So the end of the movie was really emotional I feel like crying but I just couldn’t stop being so emotional yeah so just get to be happy because life is too short to be sad and to be angry over shit.

However live your best life ,wear good clothes, drive the best of cars ,build the best of houses but regardless: Live for GOD!!!

Hope you have a blast though and have a sweet week ahead much love as you keep reading, I really appreciate your time please leave a comment if any of my post blesses you.


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