Writing Challenge Day 21 PRAISE

Praise is a sacrifice.

A life of praise is indeed a “pleasing aroma” to our Lord (2 Cor. 2:15).

This explains why God treasures the words of worship we offer to Him.

Praises triggers anyone to give you something. Simply put, sometimes whenever I go to a vendor, either in a market space or eatery, most times I smile at them and praise them, encourage them to keep pushing, because I’m sure it’s not easy, so they sometimes feel happy that at least someone recognizes them and attend to me extremely well.

I have learned that over time and used it for myself.

God in the same manner, loves praises, it is His food he desires to eat each and everyday, the more we do so, the more we discover that He will do exceedingly than whatever we ever imagined He would do for us.

In the case of David, the scriptures makes us understand that He was most loved by God, despite all his wrong doings at some point, David still acknowledged it and still went back on his knees to God, and God was always with him.

He sang hymns unto God, and God loved and cherished him even more.

Choosing praise is evidence of a heart that embraces God’s faithfulness in every situation, acknowledging that in the midst of a sin-stained world, God is still good.

And a heart that knows God’s goodness can’t help but bring Him glory!


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