Hope you enjoy the time you spend reading every piece I drop on this blog. I hope it really does edifies your spirit, and motivates you to carry on your daily life.

Patience is a very common word, very easy to pronounce but really difficult to practice. Well nevertheless many of us have a warped idea about patience. We usually think of it as something designed to suffer us which isn’t the case. It actually put us on a path of success.

Patience(or being consistently constant) is the power twin of faith. They work together to see to it that the promises of God upon our lives are fulfilled.

Say for example, you deeply in need of a visa to travel out of your country yo further your education. And you get to the embassy and you are denied visa, over and over again. Damn!…It can really be frustrating and annoying, especially when you see your mates go in, and get accepted with ease. But lest I forget, the Bible makes mention of the fact that “He will supply ALL our needs according to his riches in glory”

When you in such condition and even worse, all you can do is to rely and stay constant on God’s promises, stated in the scriptures “ I will never leave you nor forsake you.” The truth is , if you based your confidence on God’s word , nothing has changed. It says exactly the same thing it said yesterday, today and forever. As scriptures puts it, “… but my Word will never pass away” Have you ever thought of that, or rather had a glimpse of imagination or deeper pondering concerning this scripture. Well yes, everything will pass away, but his word remains true and exact till now. All the writers of the Bible are dead and gone, but God’s inspired written word, is still the same, and still has the same impact, as it had when Jesus in the wilderness used these same scriptures to defeat Satan’s tempting tricks.

So dearly beloved, you see faith opens the door to God’s promises for you, patience keeps it open until the promise is fulfilled. Do not let the delay discourage you. Put patience to work.


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