How to manage your diet.

  • Hope you are having an amazing week. Mine has been super engaging. I have been receiving a lot of mails and positive comments on my social media handle concerning my previous post. I really appreciate that you are following up my blog, it keeps me enthusiastic to really continue.

In my last post on healthy diet (volume 1), I spoke briefly on malnutrition, and its effect, I equally went broad on the spiritual aspect of our diet. I clearly explained the fact that diet doesn’t necessarily have to do with the food we consume to satisfy our belly, but has a great effect on what we watch, what we feed our minds with. You can’t have a healthy mind if you don’t feed healthy. I ended up by saying that we need to trash out or rather purge ourselves off the junks in our diets for a good start.

So getting on to the interesting part, stay with me….,

Now coming to the junks in your system, it is literally what is unhelpful, what is not edifying your spirit, and what doesn’t edifies the spirit, eventually affects your mental health and also drains you physically.

Let’s not forget so quickly that man is a tripartite being; that is to say man is a spirit, which has a soul covered with the coat of the body (flesh). Whatever you feed on has a great impact on your physical body. Let’s take a quick look at most successful beauty pageants for example, they control what they eat, they tend to cut down the intake carbs in their diet. Sometimes it’s hard to resist roasted pork, goat meat, sausage burgers and sandwiches, sometimes I’m like, damn….!!!!!! But they adapt to the vegan eating lifestyle, I would say first because of their career and secondly, though at some point they tend to develop it as a habit, which their system ends up rejecting such foods. Yes, it’s true if you ask me, same goes with other “true” vegetarians, yes I said true in quotes because some people tend to post on social media that they are vegetarians but they hide to eat roasted meat sold on the roadside or street food at the glimpse of it. Isn’t that just hilarious?

    In a nutshell, learning to control or rather manage what you consume is a great deal. In the Bible, “Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the King’s meat, nor with the wine which he drank….”(Dan 1:8) I know many thoughts may be going on in your head, like does it mean you shouldn’t eat meat or drink wine…No! The bible in the book of Daniel ,the scriptures makes it clear to us that King Nebuchadnezzar, as king of Babylon at the time, worshipped idols(which were known to be “gods”) , he equally ordered everyone to do same, now even the food which he ate was first offered to the idols. Well let’s not get too deep into the story; But Daniel and his friends had a purpose, they had a mandate, they knew what was good and beneficial for their diet, and purposefully decided to keep themselves healthy. If you decide to read through it, you will realize that at the end the king testified that truly they were looking ten times better than the rest of them. It can be hard to discipline how you eat, or what you watch and the company you keep but trust me when you get to a point where you are able to say a big “NO” to certain junks out there that look so attractive and appealing to you, you are already at the point of managing and developing a healthy diet for a healthy mind and happy life.

I appreciate you for reading to this point. It will do me so much good if you drop a comment, question or reaction to this post, it will guide me on the subject to focus on for my next post.    


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  1. Very good and interesting…am glad reading


    1. Thanks 🙏


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