First of all, I would like to appreciate you for reaching out and visiting my page again, you have no idea how this is helpful to me, you are loved and celebrated. I'm super excited to write this piece here,so let's get deep into what i have for you today.

Diet as you know, simpy put, is the controlled regimen of food and drink as to gain or loose weight and however influences the health of an individual. A balance diet consists of suitable proportions of foods derived from all the classes of food. Now you may ask what’s a healthy diet? Let me take you through this illustration. Shall We…..? Firstly, what you eat affects how you look physically, it equally affects how your body system functions. Malnutrition is a serious condition that happens when your diet does not contain the right amount of nutrients, and individuals who suffer this are said to be malnourished and end up having some diseases such as “kwashiorkor” known as an edematous malnutrition is derived from the word known as “edema”(abnormally swollen) which is one of the most widespread nutritional abnormalities common in tropical and subtropical areas of Africa.

Oh no… Still all about science right, so let’s go into the real deal.

The same effect is applied spiritually. What you feed on affects your sense of reasoning, and what you ponder upon resulting from the books you read, the movies you watch etc.., automatically affects how you live your life and react towards situations. The bible says ” As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” No doubt about that, what you spend time meditating upon will have an effect on your life positively or negatively. For example a drug addict didn’t just become an addict overnight or in a day however, that individual thought about it and executed the thoughts in his/her head which gradually became a reality, eventhough at some point became uncontrollable to the extent of even wanting to sell anything just to get the drugs for self-satisfaction, well it is sad that the end result won’t be pleasant to the eyes, neither to his/her health. The point is there was a thought, and that thought turned into an action which became a habit. Uhmmmm… that’s sad yeah, but it is rather unfortunate that it is the world we live in today. Thinking about something once doesn’t just make it happen or turns it into a reality, but however, after thinking, more thinking, and planning on how to execute your thoughts brings it into a reality. Any successful business man today thought about how to become successful in business yesterday, made plans and started executing those plans relentlessly. In conclusion , you need to remind yourself that as you get older, you will realize that a diet is more than just food for the belly, it is what consumes your time, what you watch, hear, who you spend time with. So if your goal is to have a healthy and well balanced diet; First,you need to start by removing all the junks in your diet and also control what you add to your diet in other to live a healthy and happy life. We all have junks from the past but it is time to purge ourselves and have a fresh start.

If you have any questions leave a comment at the comment section.


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